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Where do I get a top like this?
Anonymous: do you choose to be single? bc a guy like you could get anyone

Girls like muscly guys, which I am not so therefore It’s hard for me to even get any girls haha

Like this post
@sanderson93 just killed me in the gym.
Anonymous: your gf is one lucky lady

I’m single and have been for a while


Abbey Lee Kershaw by Hedi Slimane for 25 Magazine #3
Anonymous: you use to be much more attractive

Haha okay it’s cool

Type I behaviour > Type X

Anonymous: what are your measurements?

24 inch nipples

Anonymous: Oh please Joe, take a photo of you and write on your arm my name: Carla. Please :(

No. Stop. I’m not a bellend

Anonymous: don't say nigga.

I’ll say whatever I want I’m not racist