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Anonymous: YOU ARE SINGLE WAT? omg for how long were you in a relationship with your gf?

'Ex gf' for 2 years, I've now been single for 9 month so it's all good

Anonymous: are you kidding me, i don't know what kind of girls you hang around, but you are to die forrr

Well I hope nobody dies

Anonymous: How old are you?

I’m 20 years young

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Revenge of the 5th
Anonymous: do you have a snapchat? and if yes, what's your username hun? Please write it, thanks x

My snap chat is joeericwoodcock


N41° 53’ 34.9044”  E12° 28’ 57.7776”

Where do I get a top like this?
Anonymous: your gf is one lucky lady

I’m single and have been for a while


Abbey Lee Kershaw by Hedi Slimane for 25 Magazine #3