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Sup niggas
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5 month ago
Anonymous: do you have snog?


Anonymous: How many people have you slept with honestly

In all honesty, 8,000,000,000 I slept with the whole world

madelionclaire: so called it that you would become famous js

Thankyou for saying this, i hope to ‘famous’ in my own little way hahs

Anonymous: I find you extremely attractive and if I saw you in real life I wouldn't know what to do :|

Why wouldn’t you? I’m a human being

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To whoever did this drawing, you are amazing
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Knife party 2 nights in a row, amazing. @jayfry13 @jameskenyonjunior @tompearson_
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Outfits for Halloween have arrived #wannacookmeth @jayfry13 @jameskenyonjunior @caudy92
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Swaggy tuxedo on the shoot today
Anonymous: How comes it ended? You both looked great

It’s a long story, and I’d like to keep it to myself but thanks for asking

Anonymous: So you're single? Didn't you get like matching tattoos?

Yeah, we didn’t get each other’s names for this simple reason 👻👻⛄️🙊😈😂

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Will never forget this night, cheers boys
Anonymous: Are you taken??

I don’t like to say this but no I’m not

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