Anonymous: how tall are you?

6 foot and 2 inches

Anonymous: I want to model too, but I'm only 5 11" is that too short? With my hair up I can be 6"1 but I don't think that counts

They’ll just measure you from your skull anyways, no point in lying

Anonymous: what a beautiful man you are.

Not possibler but not probablerrrrrrrr

Anonymous: You twerking

I’m twerking right now

Anonymous: what hair product you use?

Black and white hair wax

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Never felt so ill. 😡😷
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Photobomb, pure class haha
Calling all photographers

Any photographers in the UK wana shoot, or know of any, if so refer them to me


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Me right now

my blog will make you smileβ™‘

Miley on the Wrecking Ball set #2